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OpenEqaula Iniatitive wishes to facilitate the access to new tecnologies of information and communication and open educative resources build from the community for the community. Helping this way to reduce the digital gap, actually not only measure in connection Internet terms. OpenEqaula provide a software and hardware platform for e-learning development in many senses; for example: a teacher can create a collaborative learn space (course) and put your content in and create learn activities, after, he invite your students for access for read and interaction.

This initiative started in 2007. It was funded intially by José Luis Granda, how a personal project for shared your work in this area with the community.

Actually, the platform is stable and EQAULA team improve and support the infraestructure.

Your money would be paying for the direct costs of the initiative like initiative promotion, wages of EQAULA team, furnished to participating teachers and their students.

Our beneficiaries are visibles at the Internet. Meet some of them by clicking here.


Because OpenEqaula Initiative is not based in the United States we recommend you use PayPal (click here to access form). If you do not wish to use your credit card in a online transaction, please contact us at for information on how to make a bank transfer or send a Western Union wire.

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